Thursday, July 2, 2009

Native Son (Thursday Post #2)

Writing a message on a piece of tape is by far the most effective way to keep people off a boat. The staging isn't strong enough to hang a chain and padlock. You can't write a message on a piece of rope. A pile of wood could be jumped over. No one messes with the tape, ever.

On Native Son all the fiberglass work has been completed and Kendall has been gel coating as this project creeps to the finish line. John finished up the exhaust system and built the new radar stand (last picture). Dan patterned the windows (two weeks ago) and sent them to a Canadian company called Marinelite and we are waiting on a price quote for the windows. Looking back at the photos of this boat I have done a horrible job documenting this one. Moved the side decks, new wheelhouse, and new deck and most of it never was digitally recorded.

The new radar stand installed. Two arms will be mounted to the cabin top to support the stand. Then the radar, antennas, and lights will have to be mounted and wires will have to be run.

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